An FAQ Of Sorts

Who is in charge of STS?

Well, Patrick Lickman was the founder, and he made the website you currently find yourself browsing, but really he’s not in charge as such. To say there is someone in charge implies at least a basic level of organisation, which we so clearly lack.

Where is STS based?

Physically speaking, the people working with STS are in England. However, since all of our stuff is web-based, there’s absolutely no limit to what we can do (except talent etc).

Can I work with you?

Maybe, yeah! If you’ve got a good idea for a thing you want to put under the STS banner (both literally and figuratively), then you can email us (via our Contact page) and we’ll probably do it. At this young age of our group, we basically just want to create as much stuff as possible, with more or less anything going, so do get in touch!

This page has not fully satisfied my need for answers!

If you have more questions about anything, you can contact us on the email provided by our Contact page.