Monthly Archives: May 2012

A Negative Spin is Launched!

Fred Craig, who you might know from Real Life, has joined the Smash The Screen team to rapturous applause! Famed for his sarcasm, cynicism, and particular unique form of black humour, Mr. Craig has brought his wit and wisdom to a brand new reviews column, A Negative Spin. It’s launched with a film review of the latest GI Joe movie, and suffice to say, he don’t love it.

But truly, that doesn’t do it justice, because Fred is hilarious and you should read it straight away, and look out for more soon. Enjoy it!


Now with Spoons!

We just launched a new page, called Spoons. Really, it’s just a place that Joe & I (and perhaps others, in the future) can put small things that we’ve made that don’t need a whole page to themselves. Why it’s called that, I don’t know, but we hope that you enjoy it as we irregularly update it with various oddities. At this stage, there’s just the one on there; a card game I invented called Harvest, so take a look at that. Thanks!

Smash The Screen Update #1

Hello there! Welcome to Smash The Screen Productions’ first ever podcast of sorts, featuring Joseph Paterson and Patrick Lickman. The ten-minute morsel you see before you is a discussion between your illustrious hosts about their first project, The Giant Squid Diaries. We’re really excited to get this stuff going soon, and we hope you enjoy whatever wondrous nonsense comes out of this production team.

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