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Welcome to the homepage for Smash The Screen Productions, a very loose group of individuals who all  like to make things on the Internet. Generally those things are aural, but there is no hard and fast rule as to what kind of stuff gets put up here. It is likely, however, to contain at least a small dose of Patrick Lickman, the founder of STS. He’s the one writing this right now, and he’s finding it quite odd to talk about himself in the third person. If something is a Smash The Screen Production, it means it’s likely Patrick was involved in some way or another. He very rarely works alone, however, so to read more about him and the individuals involved in each project, hover over the project name up there and click on  The Team.

Whilst you’re here, you can also read our somewhat-regularly-updated Blog, in which we’ll release missives about what we’re up to, and occasionally a mini-podcast, which is always good fun. Any other questions you can have might be answered on our About page, or you can email us by the address supplied on our Contact page.